LETTER: Tories failed to control growth

I sympathise tremendously with cllr Wendy Alexander (Express, July 29) promulgating Polegate’s concern after Wealden District Council’s planning approval to build 40 houses on the edge of Polegate.

But, as a Conservative, cllr Alexander represents a party which has failed to control the inextricable rise in population year on year the effects of which are now coming home to roost, and many such as cllr Alexander are taking notice now only because such effects are in their back yards rather than the back yards of others.

For years UKIP has been highlighting the negative effects of uncontrolled immigration, being the only aspect of a rising population it is possible to control (unless you believe in controlling the number of children per family or euthanasia).

Such policies were labelled xenophobic and racist by the three old parties, not because they are xenophobic and racist, but in a vain attempt to stop UKIP in its tracks.

Clearly UKIP immigration policies are not xenophobic or racist because 52 per cent of the country in voting to leave the EU, wants to control immigration and now the onservative Party is in the process of adopting UKIP policy (one of several) to implement an Australian-style points based system to control immigration.

So I’m afraid, cllr Alexander, you now have to live with the consequences of your supporting a party whose policies you may now be questioning but which are the cause of your complaint.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham

Chairman, UKIP Lewes