LETTER: Traffic problems

To Jon Wheeler, ESCC Team Manager, Strategic Economic Infrastructure Communities, Economy & Transport East Sussex County Council.

CC Sussex Express.

We are now well into February and still the daily traffic problems of Newhaven continue.

Very obviously there was no ‘Plan B’ for the Newhaven traffic problems and seemingly, no government cash either.

So here is an Idea for you to consider. Rather than wasting millions of pounds on the Newhaven Port Access Road Bridge over the railway and creek and onto Tide Mills that no one wants or needs. Even Newhaven Town Council and Newhaven Harbour have apparently said that they have no need or use for it.

Why not spend that money on the roads we already have and not only sort out the Newhaven One Way System problems but also mend the thousands of pot holes that exist county-wide.

Newhaven Harbour seemingly would rather have the access roads to Newhaven, the A259. the A26 and the C7 sorted out so as to get better access to the town and the port. Improving these roads would benefit every one, local residents, local businesses and the harbour. Everyone would ‘Win’. And by not building this port access road bridge ESCC would be fulfilling its role in protecting the local environment rather than destroying one of the few unspoilt places that remain along our coast.

Geoff King