LETTER: Twinning for the right reasons

My old mate, Councillor Tony Rowell, misses the point in criticising Lewes Mayor Michael Chartier’s use of air travel to convey him to a jolly to in the twin town of Waldshut-Tiengen.

Surely the whole twinning issue is about what benefits it brings to the people of the towns. Whilst I can`t speak for our European neighbours, I don`t see many benefits over here apart from a few street names that are invariably mispronounced and the odd visit from a town band.

If we are going to twin with other towns, let it be on the basis of altruistic internationalism. I suggest that we twin with towns or villages in the Caribbean or Bangladesh that have suffered flooding as we have.

Of course civic dignitaries would not be able to pop over there at the drop of a hat. But at least local schools and charities could raise money to do some good and receive regular feedback. If we are going to twin with foreign towns, let us do it for the right reasons.

Bill Ball

Hayward Road, Lewes