LETTER: Two corrections

The Sussex Express has reported the story of the Boxing Day Hunt for three weeks now with a largely fair representation.

However there are two corrections I would like to make which although small have had a not insignificant effect.

First is that the proposal was never “to ban” the Hunt. The original wording stated that a letter be written informing them that because of allegations of aggressive and criminal behaviour they are not welcome in the town. This was amended to asking the Hunt for reassurances that they could maintain public safety.

Second, is that decisions made by the council are never the result of personal lobbying; decisions are made by thoughtful and measured debate and in this case was passed by unanimous vote after Councillor Cooper’s amendments.

The minutes of the debate are available to the public at on the Town Hall website, and of course all members of the public are welcome to attend council meetings.

Imogen Makepeace

Lewes Town Green Councillor Working For The Common Good