LETTER: Two curious omissions

I had a lot of respect for Norman Baker when he represented Lewes in Westminster.

He was a hard-working constituency MP and an independent minded one to boot. A rare combination.

But those days are gone, and in his 800-word plea of support for the Liberal Democrats on June 8 (Opinion May 12), Norman allows two curious omissions.

Firstly he makes no mention whatsoever of any Lib Dem policies – not one. He wants you to vote for the Lib Dems without knowing anything about what they stand for or what they would do if elected to power. Secondly, he carefully avoids mentioning the Lib Dem leader Timothy something-or-other.

We all know who Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are, but surely we also have a right to know something about Norman’s choice for the post of Prime Minister, with all the serious responsibilities that job entails?

I am sorry to say Norman has let himself down this time because general elections are ultimately about policies and leaders, and he has allowed neither a look-in. And it is a sad day when a former politician simply attacks those he wishes to keep out of Parliament without having anything positive to say about the Leader or policies he wants you to vote in.

John Harvey

Newhaven Rd, Rodmell