LETTER: UK must make its own way

Manek Dubash asserts that 35p per day net cost of the EU is good value (letters, March 18).

Although I can think of better ways to spend £8.4 billion a year, the principal argument for leaving the European Union is to regain our sovereignty and thus be able to control our borders, reduce the pressure on housing, schools and hospitals, and reduce the competition for low paid jobs with its corresponding depression of wages.

It is interesting that David Cameron has apparently persuaded the EU to allow the UK to abolish the ‘tampon tax’ and that George Osborne put this result down to “our seat at the top table”.

Surely our Prime Minister and Chancellor can see that if we weren’t in the EU we could decide such matters for ourselves?

I suspect there is a direct connection with the current threat by the British People to leave the EU, rather than the persuasive powers of our ministers, and I wonder how many other concessions Mr Cameron might have won had he not foolishly indicated from the start of his negotiations that he wanted to stray in the EU.

Whilst I voted in favour of staying in the Common Market in 1975, I cannot see that the EU is capable of reforming itself.

The UK must regain the ability to make our own way in the world unshackled from an inefficient bureaucracy.

Michael Staples

Grove Road