LETTER: Unhelpful to assume cuts

In reply to Emily Clarke’s letter in the opinion section titled ‘NHS plan’, I would first of all like to make it very clear that at the time of writing, the STP for Sussex and East Surrey is yet to be published, and so it is unfair and unhelpful to assume that there will be cuts.

Under plans laid out by this Conservative government, NHS services within Sussex have finally seen more resources provided to them so that they can begin to make improvements that quite frankly have been long overdue.

To give just two examples, the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, which many of my constituents use, is currently seeing upgrades worth some £480 million, while Eastbourne District General is set to receive £53 million worth of improvements.

On top of this we have seen a new specialist dialysis unit open in Polegate last year which means many of my constituents from towns such as Seaford and Polegate no longer need to travel to Brighton for dialysis and the new multimillion pound radiotherapy facility at Eastbourne means patients can have their cancer treatment closer to home.

One of the main reasons behind my becoming an MP was the lack of support that I had witnessed the NHS receive from previous governments.

I am therefore proud that this government has proven its support for the NHS, by putting investment and money in to the NHS locally. I would therefore ask that critics judge us on what is happening instead of perpetrating fears of future cuts.

Office of Maria Caulfield MP

Unit 6 Villandry, West Quay, Newhaven