LETTER: United against hard brexit agenda

This Saturday many Sussex residents joined the 20 thousand marching through Central London, sometimes crowded together but always good-humoured, tolerant and well-behaved.

20,000 from all over Britain, all united in opposing the right-wing agenda of a hard Brexit and Trump-like xenophobic attitudes to migrants.

The respect and solidarity called for from our Prime Minister was exemplified by a minute’s silence by the multitude in Parliament Square, remembering those killed and injured by the attack on our democracy.

Was this great and stirring event reported by our national broadcaster that evening – no!

The BBC preferred to devote minutes of prime time to the resignation of an obscure back-bench MP flip-flopping between UKIP and the Conservatives, and wall-to-wall coverage of non-news, endlessly repeating the same clips and visuals from the Westminster attack.

BBC News editors need seriously to rethink their priorities if they are to retain the confidence and respect of the public.

Betty Rider

Craigmyle, North Chailey