LETTER: Use the theatre or lose it!

No, it’s not about dying, it’s about COMEDY!

Having attended the wonderful production of the Comedy “Waiting for God” at the Devonshire Park Theatre last Friday (28 April) I was embarrassed that such a professional cast should be rewarded for their efforts with such a pathetic attendance for this performance.

If I told you that approximately 80 per cent (698) of the capacity (873) was not taken up, that is a bit of an indictment on the people and visitors to Eastbourne where around 100,000 people reside, let alone those visitors plus all the outlying population of towns and villages nearby.

Eastbourne Borough Council work hard to put on entertainment of a high standard throughout the year and they deserve to have better support in their endeavours than received at this performance.

I can only go on my observations that evening, but if it was announced that the beautiful and iconic Devonshire Park Theatre was closing due to lack of support, I know who would be first in line protesting, the missing 698!

Use it or lose it!

David S Chester