LETTER: Very proud

I am a very proud grandmother of a very determined granddaughter. She has just run three marathons in six weeks: Barcelona, Brighton, London.

She is not one of the elite athletes, just your ordinary girl next door, but she is one of the thousand runners who raise money for charity, they are the heroes that make the London Marathon what it is.

Her charity is Alzheimer’s Research UK. There are not many of us that can say they do not know anyone who has this terrible illness.

Coming home on the train to Newhaven on Sunday evening, passengers came up to her and congratulating her on her achievement running three marathons and even gave her some money donations and the reason they knew she had run, she was proud to wear her three medals, plus her running gear.

She is raising this money for research, because her other beloved grandmother has the illness and is not aware because of this illness that she has raise nearly £3,000 to a very good cause. She has held dog sponsored walks, coffee lunches, pub quizzes and cake sales. I must congratulate my granddaughter Laura Farley and say well done.

Shirley Harrop,

Newhaven Heights, Newhaven