LETTER: Views not those of constituents

We learnt today that our constituency MP Maria Caulfield resigned as a vice chair of the Conservative Party, citing as her reason her opposition to the Prime Minister’s policy on Brexit.

She claims that large numbers of her constituents have contacted her since last Friday, “whether they voted Leave or Remain, to say they do not support the deal”.

If you add this claim to her statement on Radio 4’s Any Questions? last week that the “vast majority” of her constituents just want to get on with Brexit, then there is more than a whiff of Trumpian fake news about our MP’s pronouncements.

Our own recent experiences of running street stalls across the constituency completely contradict her claims.

As people learn more about the disastrous consequences of exiting the EU they are increasingly turning away from Brexit, even those who voted Leave in 2016.

In a recent street poll in Seaford people were invited to choose from a set of descriptions ranging from highly positive to strongly negative. 80% selected the most negative description of the Brexit process.

Far from representing fairly the views of her constituents Maria Caulfield shows herself to be increasingly out of line with them. Her membership of the secretive right-wing libertarian European Research Group in Parliament, chaired by Jacob Rees-Mogg, gives us real concern that the only outcomes that she would really support are a destructively Hard Brexit, or even a No Deal Brexit.

An outcome which, in her own words, would be “bad for our country, bad for (the) party” – and disastrous for this constituency.

Ginny Smith,

Seahaven Staying In – School Field, Barcombe

Janet Hardy Gould,

EUnity Lewes – Brighton Road, Lewes,