LETTER: Violence unhelpful to any cause

Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of Countryside Alliance (letters, December 25), is mistaken in claiming ‘the Hunting Act was never about foxes or animal welfare but rather an attempt to eradicate hunts and the communities that surround them’.

On the contrary, this complex piece of legislation, which took 700 hours of parliamentary time before the ban came into force, was able to prove that stress caused to a wild animal during a hunt using a pack of dogs was unacceptable.

Eighty-four per cent of the population was in favour of a ban and care was taken to provide a workable alternative so that those who wished to continue riding to hounds could do so.

It distresses me greatly when protesters cause trouble at popular meets, as reported by the Sussex Express on Boxing Day in Lewes. When trail laying has been put in place prior to the event, it is wrong to assume there will be any breach of rules.

Violence against this popular, lawful activity simply gives weight to an argument for abolishing the Hunting Act.

People who wish for the Hunting Act to be abolished never admit to the real reason, ie, their enjoyment of chasing an animal to exhaustion and the excitement of seeing it killed by being torn to pieces at the end.

Beryl Wilkins

Bishops Drive