Letter: Vital role of the CCE

I AM writing with regards to the proposed closure of the Centre for Community Engagement (CCE) at the University of Sussex which, if it goes ahead, will have a significant impact on the Sussex community.

I have been studying archaeology at the university for over five years now and continue to do so as a student of the CCE, where I have received expert teaching in field archaeology, and practical experience that cannot always be taught from books.

As recent local news events have shown, Sussex has a wealth of archaeology that is still being discovered to this day. So many of the volunteers that regularly contribute to our local heritage with the discovery, conservation, and interpretation of Sussex archaeology have previously been students at the CCE.  Losing such a vital link to the University of Sussex would have a hugely negative impact on this work in the coming years.

Steve Sutcliffe, MA

Field Archaeology, Uckfield