LETTER: Vote is in all our interests

It is as much in Leave campaigners’ interests to have a vote on the detail of Brexit as it is in the interests of Remain voters.

The vacuous question we voted on in June has opened a can of worms precisely because of its lack of detail. It is far from clear cut for anyone.

When faced with a decision to leave, the conversation on what relationship we want with the EU must be had, and it must be put to the people.

Six months after he referendum, it is clear the Conservative government have no plan. And the utter failure of the opposition to hold them to account is damning to our democracy.

A few committees and some literally colourful analogies will not keep the UK in the Single Market nor will it ensure viable future trade agreements outside of it.

Which is why everyone should demand a say in the final deal on Brexit and make sure democracy is heard in the midst of momentous political turmoil.

Kelly-Marie Blundell

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes

Broad Street North, Seaford