LETTER: Vote Lib Dem

May I please offer a few comments on last week’s Opinion page [Sussex Express, May 19]?

Norman Baker and the Liberal Democrats made mistakes while in coalition, which they have acknowledged, but let’s not forget that it was a time of serious economic crisis and they were very junior partners by virtue of the number of their seats compared with the Conservatives.

Personally, I didn’t agree with everything Norman Baker stood for but at least there was an intelligent, independently minded person representing me at Westminster.

Peter Charlton, now back with the Conservatives after a stint at UKIP, sounds, as usual, just angry. Cllr Dr Alan Latham adopts the same tone.

Cllr Wendy Alexander (Conservative) seems to try to put down Lib Dem candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell by describing her as a “girl”. Ms Blundell is a woman surely. Such cheap and catty remarks, and her attempts at insults directed towards Norman Baker, reflect poorly on Wendy Alexander and her party.

The Conservative Government has happily presided over crises in the NHS, social care, (policies in turmoil), Southern Rail, prisons, education funding, massive cuts in welfare to the most vulnerable and a hard Brexit programme. Current Lewes MP Maria Caulfield is keen to support all this.

However, even with our wildly unrepresentative, first past the post voting system, (described to me rather laughably by Ms Caulfield as “fair”) we do have a genuine choice here in Lewes.

Personally I have no wish to be represented in government by someone who supports all the above, even if, as seems likely, there is a Conservative victory nationally. Recent history shows the only realistic alternative is to vote Lib Dem, for Kelly-Marie Blundell. That is what I shall do and I would urge Labour and Green Party supporters to do the same.

Hugh Redgewell

High Street, Lewes