LETTER: Vote may be sooner than she expects!

I am sure Councillor Peter Gardiner is not the only person calling for Maria Caulfield to resign.

But let’s think about this and take it to its logical conclusion.

The vast majority of MPs were in the Remain camp and the majority of those representing English and Welsh constituencies will have found themselves on the opposite side to the outcome of the vote in their constituency.

If we expect Maria Caulfield to resign because she is out of touch with her constituents, then every single MP who stood for Remain, but represents a constituency where the vote was to Leave, should also be expected to resign.

Surely that is not what those of us who backed the Remain campaign would want. Isn’t it better to keep our MPs where they are and hope that they realise that a mandate of only 34% of the electorate voting to leave the EU is not a sufficient mandate for such a momentous decision.

Hopefully Parliament will get to vote on whether or not to trigger Article 50 and those in the Remain camp will see sense, remember that the referendum was only advisory and vote against Article 50. As Maria Caulfield says, we will be able to vote her out at the next general election, but it may be sooner than 2020 as she expects!

Pamela Layzell,

Houndean Rise, Lewes