LETTER: Vote tactically

If you don’t want a Tory government and all that this means for the NHS, schools, housing, the sick and the elderly, a hard or no-deal-Brexit (to name but a few) then in this Lewes constituency you have to vote tactically – yes, that’s you, Labour Party supporters!

The figures from the 2015 election tell it all:

Conservative 19,206

LibDem 18,123

UKIP 5,427

Labour 5,000

Green 2,784

The Conservative majority was 1,083. UKIP and the Green Party are not fielding any candidates. Presumably the UKIPs will vote Conservative (no difference really in policies anyway) and the Greens Lib Dem. Do the maths.

To avoid a Conservative MP this time again, we need most of the Labour supporters to vote LibDem. No good “sticking with your principles” if you can’t put them into practice!

Sue Atkins,

Greyfriars Court, Lewes