LETTER: Voting slips

Two things occurred to me when I made my vote in last week’s general election.

Firstly, my voting slip carried a code number, cross-referenced to my name on the voting register. This surely means that my vote cannot be anonymous. I thought it was.

Secondly, when I arrived at my polling station, I was not asked to provide reasonable proof of my identity. I was just asked to confirm my name as was printed on my polling card, but that’s surely no such proof, and indeed we’re told that we don’t need to take the card anyway.

Surely then it would be all too easy to vote while posing as someone else?

I commented on this second point at my polling station at the recent council elections, but the officers there had no adequate explanation.

It would be interesting to see comment on both points from an appropriate authority.

Andrew Clews

Birch Path, Uckfield