LETTER: Wanton and furious riders

Would it be an idea to put up a sign at each end of Cliffe High Street, Lewes, warning pedestrians that some cyclists ride on this walkway, next to the cycle route road?

Some cyclists who use the walkway ride in a wanton and furious way, and in a manner to endanger pedestrians.

I have experienced two very frightening occasions of nearly being hit by a cyclist on the walkway and in conversation with other pedestrians, who told me that this is a regular occurrence for pedestrians. They said that they have experienced the same.

Alternatively, as well as the above sign, perhaps a sign should be put up advising cyclists to dismount and walk on the walkway – if they don’t want to cycle on the road.

Perhaps a younger victim, who is more able than me to stand and collect signatures for a petition to the council, might help do this for pedestrians in Cliffe High Street.

P Collins

Broomans Lane, Lewes