LETTER: We already have poor quality in Newhaven

There is speculation that weekly bins may be emptied wvery four weeks.

This must never be allowed to happen in Sussex as this will result in infestation of rats and vermin – where is health and safety on this issue?

We have poor quality already in Newhaven as a result of the constant burning of the incinerator, hospitals are at breaking point with more admissions every day, councils receive government money every year to maintain our roads which half of Britain’s motorists think are getting worse – sorting out the roads should be the council’s top priority.

The average consumer produces tonnes of waste yearly but a better alternative is not to create waste in the first place, the supermarkets dominate the landscape as we throw more rubbish away each week.

We now have Seaford coming in to the Newhaven tip which fills the bins up quicker making more traffic coming to Newhaven causing the long queues at the tip just to make cut-backs by dumping it all at Newhaven.

D Myles,

Brands Close, South Heighton, Newhaven

Phoenix estate