LETTER: We are more merciful towards our animals

In your paper (19th September) I read how MPs had voted in the Assisted Dying debate.

Two supported the motion, but Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, opposed it arguing that palliative care provided by the Hospice movement was preferable to the “slippery slope” of assisted suicide.

No one can deny the excellence of the Hospice movement, but, as far as I know (and I am more than willing to be corrected) only cancer patients can be treated in a hospice. In her nursing career Ms Caulfield must surely have known patients to die painfully of other diseases than cancer?

The Bill was roundly defeated, which seems harsh, since it only applied to patients in great pain who had only six months or less to live. We are more merciful towards our animals.

Helen Holden,

Priory Street, Lewes