Letter: We are not a society

Regarding your report in Friday 10 February edition “Bonfire in Lewes”. It was stated that there are eight societies in Lewes including the new Phoenix Society. We wish to point out that at no time have we ever considered ourselves a bonfire society.

We acknowledge that Lewes is not big enough to take another bonfire society and therefore remain simply Phoenix with no future plans to become the 8th Lewes bonfire society.

There have been many misconceptions, rumours, Chinese whispers and downright nastiness over the past several months concerning Phoenix.

To clear matters up we are a group of friends and relatives who enjoy the bonfire season and support the Sussex bonfire societies on their individual nights. By dressing up and walking (and collecting for those societies outside Lewes) at these events our aim is to help them raise money for their various charities.

Our wish is to enjoy the bonfire season and add colour and spectacle to these nights.

Long may BONFIRE in Sussex reign.

Phoenix, Lewes