Letter: We are not all in it together

IN contrast to his confident stance last year, the Prime Minister presents us with a gloomy economic outlook for 2012. But given the poor performance of the Con/Dem tie-up these past 18 months, what were any of us really expecting?

In my opinion, however, the really cruel deception being attempted in this forecast is the idea that somehow or other we are all in it together. We are not. For on the one hand we have people receiving fat slaps on the back and even fatter cheques in the pocket by way of reward for chronic failure. While on the other there are those busy dodging tax each year to the tune of some £60 billion. Some tax networks place this figure even higher.

Lost revenue that in turn condemns others in our society to receive far less help than would otherwise have been possible to provide. Less help to pensioners, less help to hard pressed families and less help to provide medical services and treatments. Pressed now to provide some measure of outrage at the greed at the top, Mr Cameron this week reveals plans for a crackdown on the cosy set-up that allows the fat cats to decide each other’s pay increases – by all accounts up some 49 per cent last year.

What teeth these measures will have remains to be seen. Personally I’m not holding my breath.

Tony Aldridge, Hailsham