Letter: We aren’t all royalists

The unprincipled action taken by Seaford Town Council concerning the rise in council tax is to be regretted.

It must have been difficult for Councillor Hamilton to abdicate his post – a position for which he fought hard to be elected, with the interests of the citizens of Seaford at heart. He has shown a sense of purpose, strength of feeling and bravery to oppose fellow members of his party, who together took this decision. All of us in Seaford are not ‘dyed in the wool’ Royalists and I suspect that those who are may also feel some sense of compunction at this rise in council tax, caused by the contribution towards street parties and other events for the Queen’s Jubilee. It is a shame that there are few officials of ex-Councillor Hamilton’s calibre, as we so often see council officials – and even MPs – renege on previous principles to ensure they maintain their current lifestyle, and power. I wish him well for the future and suspect that many others, like myself, will regret his absence from this Town Council who, so far, we have relied on for impartiality.

Mary Clarke,