LETTER: We call it freedom of speech

It has long been the right of every freeborn British person to grumble about our leaders and rulers, our managers and others ‘in authority over us’. We call it ‘freedom of speech’.

On May 6th the EU removed that right, not that many would know it from the silence in much of the media (source: Daily Telegraph).

The European Court of Justice ruled that the right to complain about, or otherwise point out, the failings or wrongdoings of the EU Commission is illegal and gave the Commission the right to legally punish “individuals who damage the institution’s image and reputation”.

Interestingly, from an historic viewpoint, almost the same words were used in the Enabling Act of 1933 which allowed the German government to “abolish civil liberties” including rights of free speech which were not restored in that country until 1945.

Don’t take my word for it; the complete transcript of the act in both German and English is available on line.

Please could you publish this letter in order that the wider public are fully aware of the EU Commissions’ avowed intent which is ultimately to achieve supreme control over the whole of Europe as a Federal Super-State under supreme law and without opposition from the people?

Yet another reason to vote Leave on June 23rd.

Kevin Batchelor

Waldron Thorns,