LETTER: We don’t need more eateries

Lewes Council is not justified in spending all this money on buildings for the developers or more restaurants or estate agents, we have far too many in Lewes.

So why do it?

Yes, we need more community centres, they are ideal for community projects.

Also we don’t need any more restaurants, as there are going to be five more restaurants within the ugly Premier Inn and also the new community cinema is going to have their cafe and restaurants as well.

I would like to know why the council is doing everything for the wealthy and the DFLs. What we do need badly is a launderette in Lewes!

When I came here 42 years ago Lewes had two launderettes and both were very well used.

We do need more of basic things in Lewes for the everyday people, instead of council kowtowing to the wealthy and DFLs.

Ms M A Huxtable

Crisp Road