LETTER: We leave with a tiny majority

We entered the EU with the support of 75 per cent of the country and Parliament. We are leaving on the basis of a tiny majority and against the wishes of our elected representatives.

There was no strong demand to revisit the question outside the ranks of UKIP a Party which everyone had every opportunity to elect and did not.

We had a referendum in which people were convinced of a dividend for the National Health, the imminent membership of Turkey bringing floods of Islamic migrants, and that a better trade deal would be easy to negotiate with the EU. All lies.

Now the Brexit government has decided we must additionally leave the single market. This is comparable to New York deciding to make trading services with the rest of the USA impossible for Wall Street. Utter madness. The 48 per cent of us who wanted none of this are to be frog marched away from financial security global significance, with our goods and services entering the EU on the same basis as those of Belize and Antigua, at best.

We are to be trampled on and jeered at form the pages of the Brexit propagandist press, as “Remoaners” when we simply fear for our jobs our families and the inchoate bigotry the leave campaign inflamed.

Surely Maria Caulfield does not believe that against back drop of mob rule, it is either democratic or constitutional for a cabal of ultra-Nationalists to slam the door on prosperity in secret; interpreting a single answer in a manner clearly not communicated to prominent Brexit campaigners I could quote.

Quite clearly the version of Brexit, soft or hard, must be supported in Parliament before it has been settled and not afterwards.

If our MP is not ready to demand that we are represented, we clearly need a better MP. Whilst her own views may be deeply damaging to her own constituents there are other MPs,Conservative Labour and Liberal, prepared to die in a ditch before they let this insanity go any further than it must.

They are our voice, and we must be heard!

Paul Newman

Firle Crescent