LETTER: We must control population

In ‘Your Express’ (13 November 2015), eight of the 12 letters related in some way to the population increase and resulting housing and infrastructure crisis in the Wealden and Lewes areas.

Naturally enough, different correspondents emphasize their own particular concerns, but there is a common thread which is that whatever and whoever is responsible there is a crisis locally which local councils seem to have little or no chance of resolving.

Compounding the issue in order to satisfy central government’s imposition of austerity measures, is the need for local councils to simultaneously implement cuts to front line services (or to significantly increase local council taxes). Indeed only this week in his letter to Oxfordshire City Council complaining about front line cuts to services, it seems that David Cameron appreciated for the first time that policies made in Westminster are having a real effect which cannot be accommodated at the local level.

There are therefore two compounding factors causing the housing and associated infrastructure crisis.

More than ever, we must control the population. In particular through immigration which has been uncontrolled for years. Our rulers, Mrs Merkel and Françoise Hollande working with the unelected EU Commission in Brussels, have demanded that each EU member State takes its ‘fair share’ of migrants currently pouring into southern Europe. But what is a ‘fair share’?

It is likely that the EU will define ‘fair share’ in terms of a country’s GDP, in which case we can expect a huge allocation.

And remember Cameron is powerless to influence the number Brussels decides for us. Maybe a better approach would be to base each EU State’s allocation on its current population density? With a population of 413 ppl/sq.km, England is the most densely populated country in the EU.

To reach this level Germany needs to increase its population by 67 million, France by 160 million, Spain by 161 million.

Indeed 13 EU States could increase their populations collectively by a total of 680 million to reach England’s 413 ppl/sq.km.

It’s a pity our government seems unable to argue the case on our behalf but of course while we remain in the EU, it is impotent on this and many other matters which will have a real effect on our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.

I hope the people of Wealden and Lewes will look further afield than their local councils when pointing the finger of blame for the predicament we are in and do something positive themselves to limit the damage.

Cllr Alan Latham


UKIP Lewes