LETTER: We must protest

The idea of closing our own essential, much-used Post Office and replacing it with a counter in an unrelated shop seems inconceivable – well, about as improbable as closing the ticket office in a busy railway station.

However, inconceivable things do sometimes happen, so we had better protest.

Even in the United States, the land of free enterprise, the Post Office is a hallowed institution “Come rain, come sleet, come snow, the post must get through.”

Many years ago when I came down to Lewes from London to see a modestly priced Georgian house, I was impressed by the house but most particularly by the town itself.

One of the inducements I offered my slightly reluctant mother was that you could be in the Post Office at 12.55pm and home in time for the ‘One O’Clock News’. We in Lewes need our post office – and so do those in surrounding towns and villages who have lost theirs.

Elizabeth Syrett

St Martins Lane, Lewes