LETTER: We must rid our pavements of this horrid mess

To whom it may concern: Please can I ask dog walkers that let the dog in their control do their toilet on the pavement take notice?

Being a wheelchair user whatever is on the pavement gets to sit in my tyres and often lying in bed, my wheelchair beside me (not in the bed you understand) the horrid smell of dog mess wafts up my nostrils and that is what I smell all night long, adding another reason to my long list of not being able to sleep.

At least if you cannot pick it up for whatever reason, please kick it to the gutter or side of the pavement and I’d love you for ever!

There has got to be a way we can rid our pavements of the amount of dog mess that has accumulated recently.

Being severely disabled I do my best to clear it up after my dog, but there are occasional times that it is too windy for my bag to stay still so picking the mess up becomes too much or my pain level is too high that I just cannot collect it, and those days 
I feel horrid but make the effort to allow my dog to walk in areas where he is unable to mess on the pavements and I can say, hand on heart, to this day, he has never done his toilet where anyone could walk or wheelchairs ride over it thereby causing others distress as they lay in bed smelling that really ‘one-off’ smell that only dog mess creates!

So please dog walkers have a thought where you allow your dog to mess, if you don’t want to take it away, at least clear it from the pavement.

Thank you for allowing me to have future clear tyres on my chair that doesn’t spread that horrid smell throughout my home – after all it’s bad enough with horses leaving their ‘packets’ everywhere.

Even horse riders could do with a little courtesy in where they let their horses drop a packet, I appreciate they might not see it if looking forwards but do you always have to ride your horses on the pavements?

Bren Bonner

Broyle Close, Ringmer