Letter: We need more Independents

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We hear this week that another two Seaford Conservatives rebel at the alleged intimidation by their leadership and become Independent councillors.

Congratulations and well done to Councillors Maxine Buck and Sylvia Dunn.

I am personally pleased to see councillors rejecting the party line and making the choice to properly represent their constituents and not to bow to the voting orders from the party leadership.

I think that it is time to rid local councils of dreaded party politics and have an entire town represented by independent councillors. Without any party line to toe, each councillor would be free to vote according to the majority wish of their own constituents. Just imagine, in Seaford, we could be the first to enjoy truly democratic decisions in a council which would still entertain lively debate, but without the pre-

arranged result.

We need to do something in this town before the entire council give up and walk away from what is obviously a very troubled group.

Cloud cuckoo land? Perhaps, but I can dream!

Reg Dove, Seaford