LETTER: We’re fed up of being ‘had over’

The vote to leave the EU should also send a signal to our politicians that the public are fed up with being ‘had over’, a movement is afoot for greater equality and transparency and less corruption by wealthy individuals, large companies and the state.

The EU has some good points, but they are far outweighed by the burgeoning power over our Parliament and, the rapid push, principally by France and Germany to create the United Sates of Europe. There is no reason why the good bits should not be enshrined in UK law, but the sooner we ditch the European Courts the better.

Interesting that the US Foreign Secretary should rush to Brussels for talks, more likely how can they heap difficulties on the UK for their impudence. Sure we will have difficulties, we’ve had them before, but the British are a resilient nation.

One good thing is that the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership [TTIP] will not be foisted on us, we’ve escaped that just in time. The EU Commission are pushing ahead with the TTIP negotiations despite fierce condemnation of the proposal by many of the 28 [27] member nations. Unsurprisingly the fat cats of Europe are now showing their true colours, Juncker said our leaving was “not an amicable divorce”, it was never “a tight love affair anyway”.

The French President doesn’t feel that our exit from the EU would question our seat on the Security Council, or affect our position in the UN. Why should leaving the EU affect any of that? We are members of both as a Sovereign Nation. Words like this are an early indication that the fat cats will endeavour to heap difficulties on us from wherever they can. The powers that be should be negotiating trade deals with non-EU countries right now before we are subject to nasty EU repercussions to trade whilst the Article 50 exit is being undertaken.

I have never understood the phrase ‘I feel European’, I wonder if those that say they do will be allowed to continue to do so, personally I feel ‘Worldly’, which is not insular at all. So if you will excuse me, there’s a good trade in manufacturing vehicle registration plates with plain old GB on them.

Paul Woolmer

Wannock Drive, Polegate