LETTER: We’re ruled by unelected bureaucrats

Over the past few weeks I have read with interest the views of others regarding the EU Referendum, many of the respondents close with the words Councillor… followed by a political party.

I guess that’s intended to give their views credibility. If so, that really worries me, because it is through poor politics, lies and lack of insight that we have arrived in the current position, whereby the whole being of the UK is being taken over by unelected bureaucrats.

All too often myth is given the status of fact because some politician spouts it.

May I recommend the ‘Werner Report’ of 1970 to those who are interested in the desired journey of the EEC to the EU Super State. It consists of 68 pages, but pages 7 to 14 will give the flavour of, economic, monetary and political union of member states to the European Parliament.

Partly that says: “The transfer to the Community powers exercised hitherto by National Authorities will go hand in hand with the transfer of a corresponding Parliamentary responsibility to the Community. The centre of decisions of economic policy will be the political responsibility of the European Parliament.”

The Committee of Experts for this report did not include anyone from the UK.

It has been the target of Europhiles within the sovereign parliaments, bankers and high industry to eventually have full integration, a Federal Europe. Those people of influence and power have known this all along, they just don’t want us to know. The UK upset things by not joining the Euro and my guess is that we get punished for that. Any belief that Cameron has got the UK a special deal is derisory.

Of huge EU importance right now is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership [TTIP] deal currently being considered. This is a USA-led project with the EU on trade deals, which will give the right of US companies to set up business and bid for services without restriction in EU countries and, supposedly vice versa.

Look out the NHS, the US has you in its sights along with many other ready to be cherry picked organisations. Could that happen? Yes, because the UK debt is so large that we can never pay it off, so selling off a bit more of the family silver would help ‘in the short term’.

Not paying £55 million a day would help in the long term. Right now we’re largely ruled by the EU if the TTIP goes ahead by 2025 we will be largely ruled by the US. Mark my words.

Paul Woolmer

Wannock Drive, Polegate