LETTER: We should educate kids

Spring lambing is here and, at farms across the region, parents are paying for their children to enter the lambing sheds and engage with these charming, lovable little creatures.

In a few weeks time these farms will be inviting us to buy portions of these same animals transformed into prime spring lamb!

So accustomed are most of us to eating dead animals that we may be unaware of the many less attractive aspects of this huge, exploitative industry – for example, the removal of the lambs from their mothers and the terrifying transport to the abattoir where the smell of death precedes their slaughter.

Compassion in World Farming found, through in depth undercover research in slaughterhouses, “evidence of violent and careless handling, painful restraint, ineffective slaughter methods and animals spending those last moments of their lives in fear and agony”.

Can a slathering of mint sauce disguise this level of suffering?

Might I suggest that we educate our children about the realities of this industry, not brainwash them into supporting the insane hypocrisy that celebrates new life on the one hand whilst condemning it to an awful death with the other.

Mary Jackson

Swallow Cottage