LETTER: We should have kept the parking

It’s lovely to see the new building housing Newhaven’s Fire, Police and District Council now finished in Meeching Road.

There is just one small thing I believe should have been kept in this area, and that is the short-term free parking spaces in Marshall Lane.

Prior to the demolition of Saxonholme, there was free parking here for about four cars, which was very useful if you were just popping into the Post Office for a moment, or collecting/dropping something off in the High Street.

Considering the combined use of the new Saxon House, it seems a little short-sighted not to have at least one or two short-term free parking spaces just outside.

I imagine many people will only wish to pop in for a moment and will not want to park in the multi-storey carpark – and pay – for such a short time.

Marshall Lane is plenty wide enough to allow parking on one side while still allowing room for two vehicles to pass easily, and if two parking spaces could be re-instated beside Saxon House, I doubt anyone would risk parking there for too long considering the Police will be coming and going at all hours!

I wonder if this is something East Sussex County Council could look into possibly?

Michael Young

Fullwood Avenue, Newhaven