LETTER: We voted to take back control of our own destiny

I am not surprised to hear the hypocrisy from the Liberal, [not so Democrat] Kelly-Marie ‘Blunder’.

Maria Caulfield, as well as every MP, of all Parties, in the House of Commons voted for what they believed was the best thing for their country. It was such a fundamental and massive issue of who Governed Britain, [according to Nick Clegg, it was only seven per cent] Fortunately, the people of this country could not and did not believe that Parliament would deliver the result that we wanted.

We voted for Brexit. Single Market yes, but NOT under ANY condition. Uncontrolled immigration, NO. A fair system that works for the benefit of all countries and this country as well. Taking back control of our own destiny. It is still NOW the MPs who did not like the vote of the British people, that they are trying to overturn the result of the referendum. It was only a few weeks ago that she was saying that she wanted to represent the people of the EU as well as her constituents.

How can you criticise someone who voted with their belief of their country and with the belief that it would be good for her constituents. Good for tourism, good for trade from all over the world, not just a small area called the EU with all the burdensome rules and regulations strangling our small businesses.

By calling a shady deal with Nissan and securing and making tens of thousands new jobs in the North East, I pray to the good Lord, that the liberal not so democratic, ever get into power. The last time you were in power locally, you nearly bankrupted the county. Free education was your mantra, what happened to it? We only have uncertainty because the likes of your Party, [who did not want to give the British people ANY say on who Governs Britain] keeps trying to thwart the wishes of the British people.

Grow up Kelly- Marie ‘Blunder’, believe in your country, believe in the integrity and ability of the people of this country as well as Maria’s constituents, to make Britain, a prosperous, fair and fantastic place to live in.

Cllr Peter Charlton [Con]

Crossways, Firle