LETTER: We were objecting to losing our car parking facilities

Your reporting of the meeting on November 2 at the Meridian Hall was misleading inasmuch as over 300 people, as you stated, attended NOT to see “pretty sketches” of the proposed affordable houses that are to be built on these car parks but to OBJECT to the fact that we are losing all our car parking facilities for these developments.

I doubt if there was one resident who would agree with the proposed developments and various people let their views known loud and clear of their objections.

It would be the most disastrous thing to happen to Peacehaven – where are we to put our cars for local shopping? – if necessary restrict the hours of parking – let alone lack of doctor’s surgeries, schools and the A259 just does not bear thinking about when all these extra cars come on to that road.

It was a joke when the developer announced that anyone can get a ‘blue badge’ which enables parking on double yellow lines!

Rosemary Baigent

Oval Close, Peacehaven