LETTER: We will fight your half-baked plans

I am delighted that so many people are supporting the campaign to fight Wealden District Council’s proposals to concrete over much of Horam’s surrounding countryside.

We can only hope that the council’s determination to ruin our community is more than matched by the steely resolve of people power in Horam.

Our councillors are overseeing a house building blitzkrieg in Wealden that is destroying the age old fabric of local villages.

And on top of the hundreds of houses they want to drop on us they propose a crematorium too!

Well hear this Wealden Council and each and every councillor, we will fight your half-baked plans every step of the way. I’ll give my last breath to stop your march across our English countryside.

Horam does not want your blazing crematorium furnaces and new town developments!

Tim Carter

Chiddingly Road