LETTER: We wish to thank him again for his kindness

My wife and I recently drove from Derbyshire to East Sussex to visit our daughter.

Somewhere off the A26, north of Lewes, we had a flat tyre and ended up on a road that had no signs or lights – it was dark and raining.

As I was preparing to call for assistance a vehicle pulled up behind us and the driver offered to change the tyre for us.

He refused any kind of payment for his kind effort. We said our farewells with a handshake – and we then discovered our car wouldn’t start.

Neither of the cars had jump leads so Christopher, as he said he was called, drove to Lewes to buy a set. The car started, and again he wouldn’t accept anything from us.

He told us he was Polish.

The reason for this email to you is to hope that Christopher, his family or friends will see this letter – and will accept our most grateful thanks — that a complete stranger was so thoughtful and kind to us.

It is so gratifying to know that there are people today who are willing to help their fellow citizens.

We hope Christopher will understand what a great guy he is and to thank him again for his kindness.

John P. Bolton,