LETTER: Wealden housing plan

I read with interest Harriet Vogt’s suggestions regarding Wealden District Council’s five-year housing supply figures (letters, August 5).

Like her, I am not happy with the current predicament planning authorities find themselves in following the Hopkins judgement, which makes it more difficult to defend against inappropriate large-scale planning applications.

And, I am equally as passionate about preserving the natural beauty and heritage of Wealden.

I do, however, disagree with her view regarding our calculation of the five-year housing supply. Whereas she, and other members of the SWOT Group, think the numbers we are using are too low, others disagree.

We have taken independent professional advice in our approach as well as Government guidance and we consider our analysis is realistic.

Neither we, nor SWOT, nor the inspector who examined the Lewes Core Strategy, will have the final say as to whether our approach is correct.

This rests with the independent Planning Inspectorate which will consider the specific circumstances in Wealden District.

Ann Newton

Wealden Cabinet member for Planning & Development