LETTER: Well done

I feel we must congratulate the Stop Vines Corner action group for persuading developers to withdraw their application and to ‘Save our AONB’.

My only hope is that this doesn’t just shift the problem to someone else’s AONB.

They argued very clearly that there is insufficient infrastructure in Heathfield in terms of roads, schools, water treatment and drainage. Even our Parish Councillors now allow half an hour from Broad Oak to Vines Cross. Three miles in 30 minutes or 6 miles an hour!

The thought of massive extra housing in Heathfield in the short term, wherever it is situated, is frankly appalling. We shall be faced with gridlock.

Where are the new jobs for incomers? Where are the school places? What will happen to the free parking we have in the town. You only have to try to park on a Saturday morning to realise that we are close to, or beyond, capacity.And yet our District Council have volunteered us for more housing than even the government have asked us to provide.

One wonders how this fits in with their policies which are supposed to find jobs before buildings. I understand that Wealden have delayed presenting their Strategic Plan, yet again. Is it fanciful to hope that they have finally realised that Heathfield really cannot cope with an extra 800 houses?

I feel we need to ask our elected representatives, who we hope have our interests at heart (and who need our votes), how this state of affairs came about and how they view the future for Heathfield.

Hugh Wylam

Old Heathfield