LETTER: Well done!

Well done Uckfield Town Council planning committee in making the right decision and not supporting Taylor Wimpey’s planning application for Ridgewood Farm.

More affordable houses are needed for the young population of Uckfield not 130 four- and five-bedroom houses which will give the builders massive profits and most likely be brought by people from London and the suburbs.

No mention of infrastructure to go with the 250 houses – I expect all that might come after the 1,000 houses are built.

Uckfield is a medium-sized market town with a single high street and will not be able to cope with such a great intake of people and cars.

The bypass and Lewes road need to be sorted before building starts. Will Wealden District Council listen and take on board Uckfield Town Council’s concerns? l doubt it!

Mel Sanders

Forge Close, Uckfield