LETTER: Well done Maria

Here they go again, the I BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY but only if it goes my way people.

I was nearly shaking with fear reading the letters column. Project fear strikes again.

I will not go on about the fantastic, brighter future this country has outside the small failing state of the EU, into a whole global world that we can only benefit from.

We will be allowed to make laws for the British people, to benefit the British people. May I add, that if you take away the vote from Scotland, N Ireland and London, we won by 80% for Brexit.

All You Doomsayers, BELIEVE in your country and BELIEVE in the ingenuity of the people of this country. I also think that it was very brave and very refreshing, to see a newly elected MP, Maria Caulfield, in a tight seat, think of her country before her own ambitions.

Well done Maria. You have shown passion, conviction and a belief in the people of this country.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Ouse Valley East

Crossways Firle