LETTER: Were we lied to over buildings?

I see we are expected to pay 3.4 per cent more for ‘Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner’ in our council tax bills for the coming year.

Perhaps if we in Newhaven were not paying for two Police Stations, it might not have been such a large increase!

I thought when the combined Fire, Police and Council building was opened, the three ‘old’ buildings would be sold to support the ‘cost saving’ exercise that the combined building was sold to us as, but it seems this is not the case.

Were we lied to?

Why is Sussex Police still using the old building in South Road?

Also, why hasn’t the old Fire Station been sold?

And why hasn’t the old LDC building in Fort Road been sold?

Who is currently paying for maintaining these buildings? Is this more mis-management by Lewes District Council and/or East Sussex County Council?

Perhaps someone from these two Conservative councils, or our Conservative crime commissioner, or even our Conservative MP, might like to comment on all of this?

G Green

South Road, Newhaven