LETTER: What a treat!

I was invited to attend the Seaford Motorfest on Sunday June 25 at Martello Field.

What a treat!

We arrived in plenty of time to go up to the promenade to take a good look at the wonderful selection of American, classic, vintage and custom cars.

So many to admire, the condition they are kept in is a delight to see.

Then a saunter down to the main field to await the arrival of the bikes! You could hear them before you could get a glimpse of them as they came roaring along the seafront and poured down to the main field, I understand there were over three hundred of them, far too many to count.

It was a thrilling sight to see and hear. There was also everything there that you could wish for if you were hungry, thirsty or just wanting to listen to the music of local bands.

The organiser, Luella Rolph, was here, there and everywhere directing, clearing up, re-erecting a marquee that had blown over in the wind, making sure everything was running smoothly and always with a huge smile on her face.

I look forward to next year.

Jean Elmer

Tilgate, Crawley