LETTER: What about Christmas lights?

I have been amazed at readers’ letters full of down-to-earth suggestions to solve local problems. Who is listening?

If councillors are not then why are they still voted in? My plea for suggestions concerns the environmental hazard crossing Ashdown Forest. On Dartmoor ponies are painted as foals and subsequently at the yearly round-up with fluorescent paint.

Why aren’t the rangers/wardens doing the same for the deer here who would need to be darted first? What about collars of Christmas lights in the festive season?

If red deer can be culled in Scotland why can’t our roe and fallow deer also? Why should motorists pay through the nose for insurance enhancements through no fault of their own? I suggest more shotgun licences. My friend tells me she was lucky to escape with her life and has permanent injury in various places. She is not a youth who drives dangerously. The signs are too small, they are not flashing all the time. 
Where are the roadside fences?

R.E Ings

Gordon Road