LETTER: What is the answer?

I turned to the Sussex Express of January 22 looking for fox prints. Looking for any response to my fox hunting letter of the previous week.

This was in Lewes library, a fount of information and resources. They are to have their hours reduced. We’ll ignore that for a minute. It only complicates matters.

Three items in January 22’s newspaper. Trains without guards, a High Street without a post office, and an NHS ambulance service being handed over to a private contractor. What does all this amount to? A cut in the social wage.

Trains have always had guards. Protecting people getting on and off and security during travel.

The post office? When do you go to Lewes High Street post office when there is not a queue? 5.15 in the afternoon? All other times its popularity reaches out of the door.

The NHS? The most efficient health service in the world. Subject to regular news attack. The nuts and bolts that keep this 1948 institution secure are being loosened daily. The rich want rid of it.

Keep ignoring the library, that complicates matters.

To all the above, what is the answer?

Ask train drivers not to drive trains without guards. Ask postal delivery workers not to deliver or sort without Lewes High Street post office.

Ask NHS workers to strike over the seeping privatisation of the health service. The junior doctors showed a numerical weight over their stethoscopes the other week.

People organising, coming together, debating, running their work lives does not happen on demand, sometimes it takes a long time to happen, but when it does, attacks stop. Attacks stop and the footprint in to a future where our world is protected and run by everybody for everybody assumes a ghostly outline.

And the library? The cut hours? Ignore that. That complicates matters. There was also no response to my fox hunting letter.

Colin Frost-Herbert

Abinger House

Abinger Place