LETTER: What is world coming to?

I wanted to share with you two little events I witnessed this morning.

The first is this pile of burgundy coloured very fresh doggie doo bang smack in the middle of the pavement on the Brighton Road in Newhaven just past Murray Avenue.

I walked past it with my dogs stepping around to ensure I didn’t take it home with me.

After picking up my own doggie doo I reluctantly walked back down towards the steaming burgundy pile – and with no thought for my own welfare took a bag out of my pocket and heaving and retching picked it up to dispose of.

Now, I love dogs, but I really don’t want to have to pick up somebody else’s dog mess – would you? So whoever let their dog do it couldn’t you have gently pulled your lovely big doggie into the kerb or better still picked it up in a little plastic bag?

With that in mind, and mulling over the obvious ignorance and thoughtlessness we all face in our every day lives (and its getting worse), I later proceeded to drive down Church Hill where, lo and behold, I met a driver coming up. That’s fine you might say – people do drive up Church Hill. It’s a very pleasant little hill right near a primary school.

But this driver was happily reading a newspaper obscuring his or her face! Heaven forbid – what is our world coming to!

Frederica Gandolf

Evelyn Avenue, Newhaven