Letter: What’s changed at Uckfield over homes plan?

FURTHER to your front page story in last week’s Uckfield edition, I was disappointed to read that despite objections from Uckfield Town Council and local residents, yet another planning application for an infill home has been granted on Manor Park.

This relates to Warburton Close where a few years ago an application was submitted for two additional homes but the approval was restricted to one. This new approval is for the one that was previously refused, so what has changed over the past few years to make this now acceptable?

Over the years I have been involved in many of these types of applications on Manor Park and where appropriate I have opposed them. This estate was designed to provide undeveloped open spaces as amenity areas for the enjoyment of residents and I want to see these protected.

I strongly believe that people who live in towns should have as much right to an attractive environment as those living in the countryside.

However, Manor Park has now reached a tipping-point with its infrastructure not capable of coping with any further development.

The main issue, apart from the problems to close neighbours from these new homes, is the whole matter of car parking.

In many roads this is causing at best a great deal of inconvenience, but there are also other concerns including bin collections and access for emergency vehicles. As one local resident explained so clearly – “enough is enough.”

What about the future? Well there is the Localism Act which allows for the formulation of Neighbourhood Plans and this would be worth pursuing to see if this would offer some protection.

I also think it would be worth exploring the formation of a Manor Park Residents’ Association to tackle this issue together with any other relevant matters on the estate which may include the condition of the foot paths.

If any Manor Park residents are interested in this idea, then please contact me.

Cllr Paul Sparks,