LETTER: Where are these new inhabitants coming from?

Your headline “Residents stand up against new housing strategy” (October 2nd), give some indication of the strength of feeling that the building of over 9,000 new homes over the next 22 years in the vicinity of Hailsham and the historic village of Hellingly have generated.

The Leader of Wealden District Council’s statement that this means “we can plan for an era of growth while retaining our highly-prized landscape and environment” is utter hogwash. Forget the Cuckoo Trail.

This is the language of Cloud-Cuckoo-Land.

The concerns that residents have expressed about inadequate infrastructure, flooding, traffic congestion, insufficient schools, doctors and dentists are unquestionably correct.

But under the guise of public meetings, motions and consultations, I believe this mega-expansion is already a done deal.

Planning permission palms will have been greased and the developers’ earth-moving equipment will already be revving up.

The consequences of building 400 new homes on the old Hellingly Hospital site over the last three years is already grim evidence of such ill-conceived expansion.

Where the new inhabitants of these thousands of new homes are coming from remains a mystery.

Unless they are being shunted out of large London council estates into our local green and pleasant land.

In order that the homes they have grown up in can be gentrified and sold by greedy inner-city boroughs to the super rich, and largely foreign, investors who now hold sway in our capital city.

Commander Roger Paine RN

Church Path,